Frequently Asked Questions

What subject should I choose?

It is very important to honor the age ranges. Our class choices are all age appropriate for the coordination levels of each age grouping. Any subject is a great choice. Base your decision on the interests and personality of the student as well as a convenient class time.

What do the student’s wear?

Our standard dress code for a female is a leotard and tights of any color or style. Some accessories such as a ballet skirt or dance shorts are acceptable. The standard dress code for a male student is stretchable exercise pants and a t-shirt. The appropriate shoe for the subject is required. Specific information will be presented to students when they register.

Will the studio accept students younger than age 3?

For children ages 2-3, we recommend our Mommy & Me sessions class. It features dance and creative movement and is a great introduction to dance. We have accepted some students just under 3 years old in a traditional dance class. The child should be potty-trained, have good listening skills, and be able to follow directions.


What are the qualifications of the instructors?

All of our instructors are knowledgeable in the subjects that they teach. They have experience teaching children. Many are active members of dance organizations including Dance Masters Of Michigan, Dance Masters Of America, and Dance Educators Of America. Those organizations require examination to join. Many instructors have degrees in dance or have participated in college dance programs. All instructors share the philosophy that dance can enrich a child’s life through positive corrections and encouragement.