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Dance lessons in Berkley Michigan for beginners and both girls and boysBeginner Classes

We offer classes for beginning students in all age groups and subjects. For example, an 8 year-old beginning tap student would be placed in a class with other beginning tap dancers ages 7-9 years-old. These classes are 50 minutes long and meet once a week. The monthly tuition charge includes 4 lessons. The program runs like the school year, starting in the Fall and ending in June with our annual recital.

Linda's Dance Studio - Intermediate & Advanced ClassesIntermediate & Advanced Classes

We offer intermediate and advanced classes as well as a competitive dance program. The levels will be determined by age and experience in that subject. Every dance studio determines levels differently. Also, every dancer is unique and will progress at their own pace. Our professional staff will help you determine the appropriate level and placement in these classes.

Session Classes for Sessions Classes

We offer Mommy & Me and Adult Beginning classes in sessions. Mommy & Me is for children ages 2-3 year-old. This class includes dance and creative movement and is a great bonding experience for the child and care giver. The Adult Sessions Classes are a great way for an adult student to try a new dance subject without a big commitment. The classes let the adult dancer learn something new, get exercise, and meet others in a friendly environment.

Upcoming Schedule and Class Age Levels

Classes for Children & Adults

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Linda's Dance Works offers classes for students of all ages and levels. Subjects include Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, Acrobatics, Lyrical, Modern, Pointe, Musical Theatre, Technique, & Mommy & Me. We offer both recreational and competitive dance programs.

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  • Age 2-3: Mommy & Me.
  • Age 3-4: Tap, Ballet, & Tumblebunnies.
  • Age 5-6: Tap, Ballet, Jazz, & Acrobatics.
  • Age 7-9: Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, & Acrobatics.
  • Age 10-12: Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hip-Hop, & Acrobatics.
  • Age 13+: Tap, Ballet, Jazz, & Hip-Hop.
  • Adult: Tap, Ballet, Jazz.
  • Lyrical/Contemporary, Modern, Pointe, Musical Theatre, and Technique are also offered for intermediate-advanced students.