Beginners Dance Classes

Beginners Dance Classes in Berkley, Michigan | Ages 3 & up

girl dancer ballet student age 3-4Our beginning classes would include levels 1 and 2. These classes are 45 minutes long and meet once a week. Our friendly and experienced instructors will give quality dance instruction in an atmosphere that makes learning fun and rewarding. Inspiration, dedication, self-confidence: The benefits of dance instruction extend well beyond the classroom.

Please see Sessions Classes for Mommy & Me (ages 2-3) and beginning Adult students.

Dance Classes for Ages 3-4

We offer Tap, Ballet, and Tumblebunnies for children ages 3-4. These classes include both traditional dance technique along with creative movement. They are all age appropriate and designed to introduce basic dance technique, coordination, and social skills. All while having fun.

Classes available for Age 3-4:

  • Monday, 4:30-5:20 Ballet: Paige (Recital A)
  • Monday, 5:20-6:10 Ballet: Paige (Recital A)
  • Tuesday, 5:50-6:40 Ballet: Emma (Recital B)
  • Wednesday, 4:40-5:30 Tumblebunnies: Lidia (Recital A)
  • Wednesday, 5:30-6:20 Ballet: Linda (Recital A)
  • Thursday, 5:00-5:50 Ballet: Maddie (Recital B)
  • Thursday, 5:50-6:40 Tap: Maddie (Recital B)

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Dance Classes for Ages 5-6

We offer Tap, Ballet, Jazz, and Acrobatics for children ages 5-6. These traditional dance classes are fun and age appropriate. Students will learn basic dance skills and terminology as well as improve coordination and flexibility. All while having fun!



Classes available for Age 5-6:

  • Monday, 5:20-6:10 Ballet, Lidia (Recital A)
  • Monday, 6:10-7:00 Jazz, Paige (Recital A)
  • Tuesday, 5:50-6:40 Tap, Linda (Recital B)
  • Tuesday, 6:40-7:30 Ballet, Emma (Recital B)
  • Wednesday, 4:40-5:30 Tap, Linda (Recital A)
  • Wednesday, 5:30-6:20 Acrobatics, Lidia (Recital A)
  • Thursday, 4:50-5:40 Jazz, Lidia (Recital B)
  • Thursday, 5:40-6:30 Ballet, Lidia (Recital B)

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Dance Classes for Ages 7-9


young cute Ballerina girl stretching legs wearing pink Ballet tutu isolated on a white background

We offer Tap, Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, and Acrobatics for children ages 7-9. They will learn traditional dance styles in a fun atmosphere. These students will develop technique as they improve their coordination, flexibility, and musicality. These children will gain self-confidence and learn dedication through their experience.

Classes available for Age 7-9:

  • Monday, 5:10-6:00 Tap, Linda (Recital A)
  • Monday, 6;10-7:00 Ballet, Lidia (Recital A)
  • Monday, 7:00-7:50 Hip Hop, Paige (Recital A)
  • Tuesday, 6:40-7:30 Ballet, Ruth (Recital B)
  • Tuesday, 7:30-8:20 Hip Hop, Emma (Recital B)
  • Wednesday, 6:20-7:10 Acrobatics, Lidia (Recital: TBA)
  • Wednesday, 7:10-8:00 Jazz, Linda (Recital B)
  • Thursday, 5:00-5:50 Hip Hop, Lisa (Recital B)
  • Thursday, 5:50-6:40 Jazz, Lisa (Recital B)

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Dance Classes for Ages 10-12

Linda's Dance Works - Classes for kids 7-9 years of age in Berkley MichiganWe offer Tap, Jazz, Ballet, Hip Hop, and Acrobatics for children ages 10-12. These students will learn correct technique and terminology. As their knowledge of dance increases, their posture and flexibility will also improve. Through these accomplishments, the dancer learns discipline and self-confidence.

Classes Available for Age 10-12: (Recital: TBA)

  • Tuesday, 5:00-5:50 Tap, Linda
  • Tuesday, 5:50-6:40 Ballet, Ruth
  • Wednesday, 7:10-8:00 Acrobatics, Lidia
  • Thursday, 6:40-7:30 Jazz, Maddie
  • Thursday, 7:30-8:20 Hip Hop, Maddie

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Dance Classes for Ages 13 +

girl tapWe offer Tap, Ballet, Jazz, and Hip Hop for teens. These students will improve their technique and knowledge of dance. Teens will make new friends as they improve their physical fitness. All of the benefits of dance will apply improved posture, flexibility, body awareness, self-confidence, and having fun.

Classes available for Ages 13+: (Recital: TBA)

  • Monday, 7:50-8:40 Jazz/ Hip Hop, Paige
  • Thursday, 7:30-8:20 Ballet, Lidia

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