Session Classes

Dance Session Classes in Berkley, Michigan


We offer a Fall and Winter session. Mommy & Me and Adult Dance Classes for levels 1-2 are offered in session form. There is no registration fee for sessions classes. However, we offer no discounts or refunds for missed classes. Sessions classes do not perform in our annual recital.

New sessions will be starting in January. Please fill out the contact information, or call us to receive a flyer.




Mommy & Me Classes


We offer Mommy & Me in sessions. Mommy & Me is for children ages 2-3 year-old. (Great for dads and grandparents as well!) This class includes dance, creative movement, songs, and activities. This class is a great introduction to dance. Children that have participated seem to do very well when it is time to transition into a traditional dance class. It is also a great bonding experience for the child and care giver.


A new session is starting in January. Please call us at 248-541-7348, or fill out the contact information to receive a flyer.

  • Tuesday 5:30-6:00 PM
  • Saturday 10:15-10:45 AM


Adult Beginning Classes

Multi-ethnic group of women (30s to 60s) in exercise class.  Main focus on woman 3rd from right.

The Adult Sessions Classes are a great way for an adult student to try a new dance subject without a big commitment. The classes let the adult dancer learn something new, get exercise, and meet others in a friendly environment. These classes are a great choice for students that are new to dance, or those with some dance experience, but may want to review. Adult students are not required to wear a leotard, however, baggy clothes are not recommended.


New sessions starting in January. Please fill out the contact information, or call us at 248-541-7348 to receive a flyer.

  • Tuesday 8:15-9:00 PM  Jazz/ Hip Hop  
  • Wednesday 8:00-8:45 PM  Tap level 1-2
  • Thursday 8:15-9:00 PM Tap some experience.